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Imagine a movement that's all about igniting human potential, fostering connections, and spreading positivity. That's Unleash Your Light (UYL) in a nutshell. We're on a mission to unlock the brilliance within individuals, connecting hearts and minds to create a brighter world.
Illuminate your journey, you are the light of the world at Unleash Your Light!


Discover Genuine Human-to-Human Connectivity
Our vision at Unleash Your Light is to advance and elevate human-to-human connectivity. We aspire to create a world where genuine connections, empathy, and understanding thrive, transcending barriers and bringing people closer together.


Igniting Brilliance, Empowering All to Shine
Our mission is to empower each individual to shine their brightest light. We are dedicated to unlocking the potential within every person, enabling them to realize their innate brilliance and contribute positively to the world.
Singapore Special Needs And Differently-Abled Performers Scale
New Heights Alongside International Superstars
SINGAPORE – Extra·Ordinary Stars was an inclusivity-themed concert held on 1 December 2023 to benefit Extra·Ordinary People, the Happee Hearts Movement and YMCA Singapore. For the first time ever, performers with special needs shared the stage with superstars like A-Lin, Cyril Takayama, and local talents Glenn Yong and Benjamin Kheng to a full-house 5,000-seater Star Theatre. Each performance was carefully curated and designed to feature both the artists and performers with special needs, blazing a brand new path for diversity and inclusion in Singapore’s performance arts scene. The live show was filmed and will be broadcasted to an international audience.
Support the Extraordinary Stars Show!
Your donation can light up lives! Join us in making the Extraordinary Stars Show a beacon of hope and inspiration. Every contribution, big or small, makes a profound difference. Powering dreams and nurturing talents, your generosity helps us uplift the special needs and underprivileged communities. Don't just stop at donating – spread the word among your friends and be a part of this incredible journey of giving. Click "Donate Now" and be redirected to Giving.sg to make your impact. Together, let's create a wave of positivity and change!
54448 Challenge
The Most Creative, Fun & “LIGHT” 54448 Challenge
The 54448 Challenge is a dynamic celebration of dance where every number carries a profound message. In this extraordinary challenge, the numeric sequence "54448" takes on immense power, symbolising the profound declaration "I am a Light to the World" in Chinese. Additionally, this sequence ingeniously spells out the word "LIGHT" on the alphanumeric keypad. As you participate, you not only engage in a captivating dance but also become a living embodiment of this inspiring message while creatively forming the word "LIGHT." It's a transformational journey where movement, meaning, and the radiance of your light converge in a powerful and uplifting experience.
Grand Prize
Top entry with highest score aggregated across all social media platforms Cash prize SGD$5000 + Donation of SGD$5000 to Dec 1, 2023 Extraordinary Stars Fundraiser Concert
Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok Each Top Score Prize
Cash prize SGD$1000 + Donation of SGD$1000 to Dec 1, 2023 Extraordinary Stars Fundraiser Concert
Lucky Draw
From all qualified entries Cash prize SGD$1000 + Donation of SGD$1000 to Dec 1, 2023 Extraordinary Stars Fundraiser Concert
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